ONDES aims to have a real but light structure. Its director is Yannick L'Horty and its institutional position is to be attached to the Vice-Presidency for Equality of Université Gustave Eiffel, under the functional responsibility of Caroline Trotot, who is the delegated chair of the steering committee.

The steering committee, which is chaired by Gilles Roussel, determines the Observatory's annual main orientations. In particular, it ensures:

  • the steering (supervision and control) of the Observatory's activity and the use of its budget
  • the validation of the activity report presented by its Director, which includes the execution of the budget
  • the definition and monitoring of the work programme and the activities carried out within the framework of the Observatory
  • the study of any document or report drawn up within the framework of the Observatory
  • the promotion of the Observatory's activities and the definition of a communication policy.

The scientific committee determines the nature and methodologies of the research to be carried out, in line with the Observatory's main orientations. It is the guarantor of the scientific basis of ONDES. 

The "Discrimination" working group enables volunteer establishments to participate in the co-construction of an anti-discrimination policy in higher education establishments.