Conducting research operations

The first objective of ONDES is to carry out research operations (quantitative and qualitative studies) on equality and discrimination in higher education, in all disciplines and with a multi- and interdisciplinary scope. These operations will be carried out by experienced researchers and supervised students.

One of the Observatory's aims will be to carry out annual testing campaigns on discrimination in student access to selective higher education courses and in the recruitment of higher education staff. The repetition of these testing campaigns over time will make it possible to produce indicators that will allow progress made in the fight against discrimination to be monitored. It will also allow Université Gustave Eiffel and the partner institutions to locate itself relative to other institutions. The tests will cover both constant criteria and criteria that vary from one campaign to the next.

Promoting research work

The second objective of ONDES is to contribute to the promotion of this research work, by disseminating it in society and the public debate, and by organising events and awareness-raising activities in the field of discrimination and equality in higher education.

To this end, the Observatory plans to organise one event for each publication of a research report, and to invite stakeholders linked to the issues addressed (researchers, associations, trade unions, etc.) to discuss the results and the actions to be taken.

Co-constructing an anti-discrimination policy

The final mission of ONDES is the co-construction of an anti-discrimination policy, backed by the scientific results of the research conducted and supported by the Observatory.

Within this framework, the Observatory's objective will be to act as a steering body for an anti-discrimination policy in universities and higher education and research establishments, and to draw up concrete recommendations for action to make this policy effective.